TV Licensing, bit of a security lapse

I just had the TV Licensing man knock on the door. Their database has been looking at us, because we don’t have a license at this address. We do, however, have a license at our old address (despite which, the letters keep on arriving).

I inspected his ID. Their IDs are crap, and would be almost trivial to forge.

So I told him our old address and postcode. At this point, no names had been mentioned.

He then says, OK, I will transfer it across to the new address. He then turns the palmtop device round to me to show the transfer. I can see our details on the screen, so he clearly has access to the database and is probably for real.

But I have now transferred the license without knowing anything but an address and postcode. Are there going to be any further steps to authorise this process? Probably not.

So, if they knock on your door and you are sans-license, just make up an address and hope for the best…

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