Full disclosure?

Today I am doing anti-money laundering training. This comprises of
several things:
1. What is money laundering.
2. Why you shouldn’t do it.
3. How to spot money laundering.

Now, prior to today I only vaguelly knew what money laundering is. I
also just knew it was illegal, but not what others could lose from
doing it. Also I had no idea how to spot it.

But now, truth be told, all they have done is give me the information
to launder money successfully.

They have given me the motive – previously I didn’t know how it
disadvantaged people. I just look at the opposite side of it and see
how it would advantage me.

They’ve given me the means – I now know how it works.

They’ve also told me how to spot it, and by extension, how to avoid
being caught.

It really does seem that all the training has achieved is keeping the
honest people honest.

I guess however, when it comes down to it I fall into that group.

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