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Received 2 tags yesterday. Initially both worked fine, now one stopped. The broken one beeps/lights up when you insert the battery but I cannot pair it anymore. Also using other bluetooth low energy apps like “SensorTag” I can only pair to one of the two.
How do I get a refund? 1st sticker just stopped working and cannot be re-paired, second sticker seemed to be working solidly but is now lost and no amount of scanning and walking around can find it (was attached to cats collar, cat is back minus collar) I suggest you fix your technology before you sell any more.
Got my stickers and use it with iPhone App… Have to say that it needs some improvement as sometimes it works sometimes it don’t so in this stage its very unreliable. Sometimes it alerts if its just side by side sometimes it does not even fare away… Might be an issue of ios… My pepple watch does much better stick to the Bluetooth as sNf does… It often completely
looses connection to the phone… Still some work to do
Sad to say these are not very good 🙁 really want them to be but they just don’t work very well, for example they keep loosing pairing so when you try to find item, even if on my lap, it can’t find it. The app doesn’t work well and is quite confusing for example what is zooming and why does it show direction if its only distance? Every time you open it you have to agree to the terms. I appreciate its an early product but I think should have kept it for a bit longer to make it fully work prior to release. Like I said I love the concept just wish it worked!

Thomas Krømke

Ordered 2. None of them can be find with the app or bluethooth on my iphone or ipod  hope the company will fix this somehow.

Ian Anderson

Works fine here so far on note 2. Only played a little bit though. Had to reseat the battery to wake up and pair the first tag which had been on my keys for a couple of weeks.

Tom Grant

Has anyone had any luck getting these things to work iOS or Android? Been waiting on this android app to find out if mine did. And now I find that I cant even pair them. One beeps sometimes when tapped, other does nothing. Swapped batteries to rule that out. One beeped and held the tone till I pulled the battery out.


Received the 10 pieces I ordered a few days ago. Have been playing around with one for the past few days. Works rather erratically. Anyone else out there have issues? Would love to read real user comments. Thank you & have a great day.

My stickers didn’t ship on time. After several emails and comments, I demanded my money back, and about 6 hours later I received a message that they had shipped from Hong Kong. They shipped via registered mail, so I had to drive to the post office to get them. I tried every method I could find to pair them, but only one sticker beeps and will not pair, and the other does nothing. So, I have to go buy new batteries? I’ve never seen a brand new product ship with dead batteries!

My stickers are going haywire, they all interfere with each other and 2.4ghz sources in the house (wifi, other Bluetooth devices). Basically if I pair my iPhone 5 to a sticker in my wallet and set the leash to “out of range”, it will beep constantly as I walk past RF noise sources. 2 stickers push the range of both back dozens of feet and they take turn being connected. Useless.

@StickNFind Why does one of my stickers have a logo on it and not work, and the other has no logo and does beep and light up?

Finally got my #SticknFind bluetooth item fining stickers. Very underwhelming. They still don’t have the promised App.

@cybergibbons @hansolo_ distance reading is really flaky! Pic was shot while ALL stickers were <1cm away #sticknfind

@StickNFind some of my SnFs were DoA. solder bubble touching batt too small, wouldn’t make contact. added paper to fill the gap, works now

@cybergibbons @StickNFind Me too. Range about 20 feet. HOW much did I pay for these things?

@cybergibbons @StickNFind Managed to get one to work with a pen. The other one doesn’t seem to react even after reseating the battery

I received 2 of the 12 stickers I expect. They can be a little temperamental, but they work when paired to an iPad 3 at home. In my crowded tech work environment, it barely works at all.

Luckily though we have an iPad, idk which model but it’s one of the newer ones. I managed to connect a sticker without disconnect problems like others had, instead I have an accuracy problem. 0-3 feet it works fine, but after that the distance fluctuates even when both the iPad and sticker (and everything else in the room) are completely still and have line of sight. 6ft shows 4-12ft, 15ft shows 32-64ft, etc. Temp actually showed 72F down to 68F in a 78F room

Sigh :/

@StickNFind help! I leashed my keys and once out of range the iOS app keeps triggering alarm. No way to get out of it without force quitting

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    April 25, 2013 at 4:51pm

    I have 4 and have had 0 luck getting it to work on my android device (Nexus 4) even though they said it would work on 4.1+ OS with BT4 hardware. Nexus 4 has all of the above and is THE developer phone… Why they tailored this device for Samsung only android phones is beyond me. They need to start offering refunds.

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      April 25, 2013 at 7:09pm

      I know why Samsung is supported – the have a highly customised version of Android that supports BLE now. For other phones, it needs to wait. That doesn’t excuse it, but it does explain it.

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    February 15, 2014 at 10:52am


    I’ve ordered 3 of this stupid sticks and only one works in the right way. Stick-N-Find app (on iPhone 5) find all sticks but can’t pair and register two of them. I’ve pulled out the batteries many times to reset the sticks but doesn’t work too. Now I don’t know what to do with this expensive garbage.

    I’m very sad about this not really finished product.


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      February 15, 2014 at 11:04am

      Did you back on IndieGoGo or order normally?

      All 9 of the ones we have don’t work…

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