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So StickNFind, despite saying they’ll deal with the issues on Facebook, aren’t responding to email. I’ve now found over 30 people who are finding the tags don’t work or are very unreliable, and it seems none of us are getting a response.

I have played with them some more, and have found the following.

  • Battery contacts seem unreliable – squeezing one of the tags gently causes it to work.
  • Range is at most 20ft line of sight in a room. This only seems to work if I start next to the tag and move further away. If I start the app 20ft from the tag though, it rarely works, and when it does, the dot on the radar doesn’t turn blue, so I can’t make it beep or flash.
  • If I run a single tag, the radar distance can be fairly constant. With 2 other tags, they dance around.
  • If I start downloading a large file on my laptop near the tags, the distance increases rapidly or they stop working entirely. There is some form of interference.
  • They seem much more reliable outside of buildings.

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    April 18, 2013 at 5:30am

    I am one of the backers of the project from indigogo, am very very disappointed on how this company is handling the project, we (as we since I ordered with another 18 friends) backed the project back in late 2012, we still do not receive any of our tags.

    Promises were broke every time about the product, shipping and support.
    No email, no update, no support,
    Never reply email or comments, the only way to made some comment are their facebook page which already full filled with complain comments, and they only delete comments that complains them without a reply.

    If I were asked about worst decision made 2012, it must be the one to join the project.

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    Dustin Bolton

    April 24, 2013 at 4:10am

    No tags and no communication from the company. I tried out the ios app while I waited and it keeps crashing. Lovely. I regret backing this company.

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    April 24, 2013 at 9:21am

    We got ours after I made post here and sent them a “very strong feeling” email, we are based in Hong Kong, which the mail only took 1 day for it to ship (their “shipping base”?)…

    Thinks we are gonna be happy?

    At least 10/20 of the Tag were not working out of the box, either needs open case up and make sure contact were good or it comes with a dead battery.

    The beta (As a programmer myself, I won’t even consider that alpha) on Android was a joke, I am on Stock Samsung Note2 LTE, it pairs the first time with a tag, and it won’t reconnect after a nice round about 40 secs show up on screen, it won’t do anything afterwards, not until I reboot my phone and that 40 something seconds later it hangs again. (which 120% makes the tag useless)

    Testing with iOS (iPhone 4S and 5), also very very unstable and un-usable, disconnect at unknown period of time, distance were not accurate (show 3~6 while the tag is actually next to the phone), forget about the temperature sensor, they never show up, and also forget your tag, since it gone “disconnected” in no time too.

    So say, what is our comment?

    If you haven’t order any, good on you, don’t.
    If you ordered and haven’t got yours, don’t worry, that wouldn’t make much difference, all you get is some plastic tag which may or may not work for like a few minutes, and you stick it and……forget it (it forget you too!)
    If you ordered and got your tag that is working? good on you, please do let us know, we would like to think we are just a bunch of bad luck guys, and you should go buy some lottery..

    Bad bad bad experience with StickNFind, I swear I am not going to order anything from this company anymore, and I really do not look up on them to “fix” nor “release” any fixes to the tags, I suggest start picking up the BLE SDK from Samsung and Android SDK make your own app would be a better hope.

    Just our 2 cents.

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      April 25, 2013 at 6:17am

      10 in an order of 20 is more than a normal problem. Very bad. Thanks for your update.

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