StickNFind update

So currently, the major complaints from users are:
1. No working Android app.
2. Shipping issues (no notification, delay, people receiving orders out of order)
3. Poor communication from company – enough time to come onto facebook to like positive posts, but not enough time to deal with support.
4. Tags arriving dead-on-arrival. Some of these then work after removing and replacing the batteries.
5. Tag range poor (<20ft)
6. Tags work intermittently – possibly related to battery connection.
7. Distance reading is very variable, making leash unusable.
8. Tags seem to have problems working in electrically noisy environments (i.e. a normal home).I’ve got over 100 people experiencing issues 4 though 8, yet none of us have received any response apart from “tap four times to wake them”. The hits on the blog continue to climb – I hate naming and shaming a new company, but your communication is so bad that there doesn’t seem to be any other way to get your attention.

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