Strangest boardroom in London?

Every few months or so, I trawl several film location databases to find new places to look round. 95% of the sites are of no interest, and only a few of the remaining 5% can easily be found.

This place, off the Itasca location database, really got my interest with the strange turret like structure – it really looks like prison watchtower or similar.


So, it looks like a board room in there. Where’s the stairs though? What does that sign say “SLIDE TABLE TO OPEN FIRE EXIT”?


Oh right, so you actually slide the table apart to get to the stairs…


And down we go…


Imagine needing to go for a wee during a meeting.

For those interested, this is the old Fulton umbrella factory, just in the shadow of the Canary Wharf estate. I think it was vacated sometime last year.

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