Social media and representing your employer

I had a recent exchange on twitter with @zacwolf about the StickNFind stickers.

He stated that he thought that StickNFind not responding to customer queries for 10 days was acceptable service. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would think this was acceptable – I assumed he either worked for them, knew them, or worked for another company that has a poor customer service ethos.

I looked at his twitter profile, which directly linked to his page (this has since been edited to remove the employer, but is still visible on the mobile page).

This stated he worked for Cisco. A company which I have had more than a few dealings with and I think their customer service stinks, especially for smaller businesses and consumers. It seems endemic across multiple business units. To me, it provides an explanation as to why he thought this kind of service was acceptable.

If you list your employer openly on a social media profile, you fly their flag, especially when that employer is a huge multi-national that a lot of people will have dealings with. It doesn’t matter what you think or what the companies social media policy is – you are associated with the employer.

He then decided to call me a “punk ass bitch”. This is massively unprofessional.

Someone who works for Cisco has just called me, a customer, a “punk ass bitch”, after I have questioned poor customer service. This reinforces my previous opinion of Cisco – their employees don’t seem to care what customers think.

I included @ciscosystems on the reply to this tweet.

@zacwolf continued to tell me that he didn’t represent Cisco, despite having it clearly shown on his profile.

@zacwolf seems to have received a disciplinary warning as a result.

Did I want this to happen? No.

Is it bullying? No.

Cisco’s social media policy is clear on this. If you make it clear you work for Cisco, you need to follow it.

Would it be acceptable to call someone a “punk ass bitch” at work? Would you expect to walk down the street wearing a company T-shirt, insulting people, and them not form a negative opinion of your company?

I know the answers to those questions.

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