Charterhouse Aquatics – poor customer service

I just have to post this review of the customer service I received with an order at Charterhouse Aquatics over Christmas.

I ordered about £150 worth of stuff from them, called to check it was all in stock and could be delivered before Christmas. They said yes, so I placed the order online. It was on next day delivery, I took the next day off.

It didn't arrive.

I called the couriers, who assured me it would be out for delivery the next day. So I took the next day off.

It didn't arrive.

I called the couriers, they said there had been a problem and it would be on the pre-1030 delivery the next day.

It didn't arrive.

I couldn't be bothered to speak to the couriers anymore (Lee Couriers) as they seemed to just lie constantly.

I then spent the next 6 days trying to get a response from Charterhouse Aquatics. Eventually I spoke to someone, and I told them to sort the problem out or cancel the order. The online shopping experience is decided not only by the goods but by the delivery service as well.

On two further occasions the delivery didn't come when promised. One of these days I didn't even bother staying in as I knew they wouldn't be coming.

I contacted Charterhouse Aquatics to say I would contact the card company for a chargeback.

The package arrived the next day. The box was badly damaged, but nothing was broken. An item was missing – it could have fallen out of the damaged box.

I asked for them to send out another, they replied 3 days later saying they would.

A week on, no replacement item, I contacted them again. 2 days later, they reply saying another will be sent out.

This arrives 3 days later.

It was over 4 weeks from the beginning to end.

By far the worst customer service I have had shopping online:

  • Uncontactable by phone and e-mail
  • Unreliable couriers who say they will deliver but don't
  • Bad packaging
  • Couriers damage packaging
  • Missing items
  • Don't seem to care attitude
  • No apology or offer of compensation

I'd hate to see what they are like if I wanted to return an item.

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