An intriguing mix of micros

I’m working with a commercial product at the moment that consists of multiple wireless devices connecting to one another. Most systems I have worked on stick to a single microcontroller or RF frontend, or at least a single family of microcontroller and RF frontend.

Not this one.

Node 1 – A Texas Instruments MSP430F2132 as the microcontroller and an Analog Devices ADF7021 RF front end.

Node 2 – A Texas Instruments MSP430F1111A as the microcontroller and an Infineon TDK 5100 RF front end.

Node 3 – A Renesas H8/3008 as the microprocessor (yes, no integrated flash or RAM) and an Atmel AT86RF211SW.

All components were purchased at the same time, in fact, as part of a kit. They are all manufactured by the same company.

It amazes me that they could even work together. I just can’t understand why someone would architect a system like this. Any ideas?

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