You don’t need to read or agree to a EULA to extract binaries

Impero Software have sent a particularly dickish letter to @TheWack0lian after he raised a security vulnerability (unauthenticated user remote command execution) in their software.

Impero’s entire complaint seems to be that their End User License Agreement (EULA) has been breached. Explicitly stated in the letter is that @TheWack0lian must have agreed to the EULA to mess around with the software. Really?

Letter extract

Let me tell you a secret, Impero and Gateley Plc

If you make your software downloadable (link dead now), you don’t need to run the installer to see what is inside it.

Windows has built in tools that can unpack most MSI files. 7zip deals with the bulk of the rest. For those left, lessmsi will unpack them.

This exactly the route I took after I downloaded Impero’s software – simply unpacked it and started hacking.

Files in MSI

You could have handled this well, instead I know that there are now at least three 0-days out there for the Impero software.

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